I’ve formulated Andro Fuel to be the most effective testosterone booster on the market.

The reason behind this desire for creation is simple. I absolutely love going to the gym. I go four to five times per week on average.  Working out is a passion of mine, not to mention it’s a great stress reliever.

The Big Problem

Problem is, in my early-thirties I really started to notice a decline in the actual results that I was getting from my workouts. There was a point where I actually hit a wall. This had never happened to me before and I was frustrated.

Fast forward a couple of years past a minor bicep injury and I’m back in the gym. This time I’ve got big aspirations to cut a few pounds and get back to my previous strength levels.

This time, it’s even more noticeable but not at first. See, I know from experience that it’s going to take me a few months to get back to where I feel fairly strong again. This is exactly what happens.

Keep in mind, I’m a few months in now and working out on a regular basis. I decide it’s finally time to push myself so that I can get my gains back.

This time, I fall flat on my face although not literally.

I’m trying hard but the fact is, I just don’t have the get up and go that I used to. I can’t get my strength back.

I’m totally frustrated.

The Research Begins

When I’m frustrated by something I’m the type of person that tries to find an answer. If there’s one available, I’ll find it. So I started digging.

Thanks to the National Library Of Medicine there’s a huge swath of readily available information to pore over.

So, I got to work using search modifiers and collecting a huge amount of data, on not only research but what other kind of supplements were available on the market.

To my surprise the data didn’t mesh well. There was a huge disconnect between what the research say works and what was available for purchase in the market whether through brick and mortar stores or online stores for purchasing supplements.

This baffled me and then I started digging more.

The Supplement Market

What I found out is that the cost of creating these supplements, in what would be effective dosages, is quite high. Dosing these supplements at the right level means that a company wouldn’t be able to sell these supplements at the current market rate, especially given the markup from the middle-man.

This explains the lack of effective dosages in current supplements on the market.

What it didn’t explain was why supplement companies are using ineffective ingredients or ingredients that haven’t been proven to be effective.

This is where things got interesting. I started to notice that most supplements were using the same ineffective ingredients. Some of these supplements were even direct copycats of other ineffective supplements. They just copied the formula of the brand with the most sales at the moment and hit repeat.

What was really interesting is that nearly every supplement I ran across was using ineffective or ultimately used short-term acting ingredients or ingredients that could be construed as an increase in testosterone through their side effects. These ingredients were commonly cheap and made manufacturing the supplement inexpensive and profitable for the company.

This was frustrating. There were no supplements available and the ones that were close were extremely expensive (justifiably so) or contained inadequate dosages or even contained ingredients that were contradictory to other ingredients in the formula. It was a sea of no choice.

It’s Time To Test

I made the decision to start testing the ingredients based on my earlier research. This was tedious and expensive. I tested each separate ingredient over a period of several weeks. As you can imagine, I wanted to see if the results that the studies purported were true. I like to verify research with more research. Maybe that’s just a bit intense but I believe it was justified in this case after everything I’ve found so far.

In the end, the Andro Fuel formula is based not only on verifiable results from some of academia’s top researchers but from my experience in the gym and understanding what hitting a wall feels like in my mid-thirties.

Andro Fuel was born from a need to get results at a time when toxins in our everyday environment are attacking our testosterone levels. Things like improper nutrition from over-farming stress, pollution, estrogen mimicking chemicals in our foods from pesticides and pharmaceuticals in agriculture and pollutants in our water due to ineffective purification methods. Not to mention the chemicals in our personal care products that are estrogen mimicking and general everyday pollution from our environment.

These things have a huge impact on us, every – single – day. Men’s testosterone levels are on a 40 year decline, that’s real.

The Solution

My goal with Andro Fuel is to help every man find a solution to help them optimize their testosterone levels. I know what a decline in testosterone feels like. I understand just how much of an impact it can have on not only your workouts but everyday activities. Now we can’t help with real medical problems (see a doctor). We can help make the everyday fight that men across the country are fighting that much easier.

The ability to live your best life is powerful and the results I’ve attained with Andro Fuel are nothing short of transformative. I’ve built Andro Fuel so that you can have the same experience.